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- Updated Oct 18th 2003 -

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DAMAG gallery

DAMAG is an old-established manufacturer which has built small and large steam engines for more than a hundred years. Head office is in Gross Frankewitz. This is the birthplace of steam rollers, traction engines, cranes and smaller engines like pumps and winches.

The branches in Magdeburg and Breslau make the bigger engines such as ploughing engines, excavators and small locomotives.
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Good connections to Fowler & Co Ltd of Leeds (the Magdeburg DAMAG branch represents the firm of Fowler & Co Ltd) not only pave the way for English locos to come to Gross Frankewitz, there are also transfers of ideas and technical developments between both firms.

The steam engine manufacturer is the biggest customer of the GFE. Gross Frankewitz is the dispatching point of all DAMAG engines and machinery..

DAMAG factory and 
preserved beam engine
Arrival of a  DAMAG fire engine in its
new home